About Us

At Smokin' Glass, we proudly carry the unique and wide variety of artwork from 60+ local American glassblowers! To compliment our array of local glass, we offer a wide variety of some more afforadble production glasswork and novelty pipes to choose from. Beyond glassware, we offer the biggest selection of rolling papers, hemp wraps, and pre-rolled / flavored cones!

On top of that amazing selection, we offer everything you could need for your pieces. 

Dirty Glass? - We've got the goods to get that sparkle back.

Product Freshness - We have plenty of airtight containers and humidifiers.

Discreet Lifestyle? - Check out our incognito products to leave you guessing.

Smelly Odors? - We carry a huge selection of smoke/smell elimnators to get the funk out.

Replacement Parts? - We've got 'em from bowls, to nails, and back to screens with everything inbetween.

High Toxin Levels? - Let us help you with our variety of detox cleaners we know and TRUST.

Not a smoker? -  That's OK! We have plenty of other merchandise, from clothing and apparel, wall decor such as posters and tapestries, and even health and wellness products including vast variety of CBD hemp products.

Our incense selection is top notch as well boasting Wild Berry's full line of scents, and the classic Satya Nag Champa, Patchouli, Lavender and much much more. We also carry mini incense packs!

Monthly Giveaway: 

One of the perks of being a Smokin' Glass customer is our monthly giveaway; where every daily visit earns you a chance to win a free glass bundle on the 1st of every month, no purchase necessary!


We carry Smokin' Glass apparel, and as a thank you for advertising and wearing your schwag, we offer 10% off when you wear it into shop. We sell shirts, hats and hoodies but spend $75 and you get a free shirt and $250 scores you a hoodie!